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Famous Entrepreneurs
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                                                      Famous Entrepreneurs – Deep Kalra Success Story

Famous EntrepreneursFamous Entrepreneurs

  • History:

Having graduated from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi, and a business management degree from IIM Ahmedabad, Deep Kalra chose the banking sector for the first job.

It took them eight years to understand what they really wanted to do.  After working for three years at ABN AMRO Bank, he decided that he does not want to spend his entire life with a bank job. 

To understand what to do next, he decided to leave ABN AMRO and take a break for a year. During this break, he received several offers of excellent jobs in the Corporate World.

This time he chose a work in which the challenge was greater. He took up the task of bringing AMF Bowing Inc. to India.  Raising investment in Bowling Alley in India in the 90s was a difficult task. 

After four years of hard work and struggle, he also said goodbye to this work, according to Deep, despite the financial mishap it was a wonderful experience in terms of entrepreneurship.  

He felt the need for more corporate experience to start his work.  Deep’s next job was in the GE Capital. He was eager to establish his own enterprise.

This was a period when the Internet was gaining ground in India. Deep studied the Bharti tourism industry and found that online travel tickets are not booked in our country.  With this fact, he decided that he would work in this direction.

In the year 2000, Deep Kalra launched the website to make an online booking service,

  • The difficult challenge of new work:

Deep Kalra, who started with online ticket booking of low-cost air services, also had to face hardships. When he was   31 years old, during that time people in our country were not comfortable with the online booking concept.  

In such a situation, for 18 months, his two senior managers kept alive without pay. The situation changed when Indian Railways started an online ticket booking service. 

 After this, the online booking was better tried by the people. Within the next five years, started doing so much business that Deep got his company listed on the stock exchange.

They say that no matter how small or big the work is, make it good and such that you are proud.



Famous Entrepreneurs -Jack Dorsey Co-founder

Famous EntrepreneursFamous Entrepreneurs

  • History:

Jack Dorsey Co-founder and CEO of Twitter. Jack Dorsey was born in 1976. He was born in Louis (Missouri, USA).  He has been very inquisitive and calm since childhood, he was an ordinary American discipline boy. 

He was on the tennis team as a child, he loved drawing, making art and working on a computer.  At the age of 13, he started taking an interest in dispatch routing.  

He created software for taxi cab companies, which worked.  Dorsey has said- I was playing about how the city works, so I could see it.  However, in the game itself, he learned so much that later he set up a worldwide company.  

Some people say that Twitter’s idea came while listening to taxi drivers. When taxi drivers talk among themselves, they speak small things – where is it now, where do they have to go, etc.

  • Career:

Early in Career, he joined Dispatch Management Services Corp.  While working there, he hacked the security system of the company website and mailed the company’s manager, explaining how to overcome that deficiency.  

After this, the company hired him in the information system team.  Here he learned in detail about SMS which changed his life later.

In the next few years, he made taxi and ambulance car software but after the dot-com bubble of 2000, he lost his job and left the job and after that, he worked for 5 years freelance.  Later Dorsey joined the Odeo company which was specialized in Internet startup.

One day Jack told his company’s team about the SMS service while eating Mexican fast food at the Playground and said that we make an SMS service for our company using which we will be able to share the employees’ messages online.

It took Jack and his friend two weeks to make it and twitter was ready for company internal use.

Twitter was a new idea, but a new company was not set up for it.  Odeo owner Evan Williams also joined up with Jack Dorsey.  

They both were started working together.  What Jack said about why he named Twitter – showed us the word Twitter and it was perfect. Twitter literally means little communication of insignificant information. And this product was also like that.

In March 2006 Twitter had started. He wrote from his account “just setting up my twitter”. The facility was initially limited to Odeo Company employees. And then it is launched for the public which creates history for the company.


 Micromax Informatics

Famous Entrepreneurs – Rahul Sharma’s Success Story
Famous Entrepreneurs
Famous Entrepreneurs

Rahul Sharma’s Success Story Micromax CO-Founder. Today Rahul Sharma is a big name in the market but it was not always like that.

Today Rahul Sharma lives a luxurious life and is fond of Rolls-Royce, but initially, he was a simple family boy. Rahul is the son of a school teacher and has been using local transport in his early days.

Rahul Sharma is the son of a school teacher, started a job in a manufacturing company after doing engineering and B.Com. He left the company after working for some time.  Rahul Sharma’s involvement in technology started when his father gifted him a computer. 

After using PC, he became so involved with technology that he reached a new company. In the year 2000, he along with his three friends launched the Micromax software.

Initially, it was a software company, then later started enterprise-resource training on embedded platforms that sold computers, software, and later fixed wireless PCOs.

Incidentally, Nokia became Micromax’s partner in the machine to machine business. Micromax sold public phones (PCO’s) first to Nokia and then to Airtel.

When Rahul Sharma was watching the business of PCO, then he had notice something, after which his life was completely changed.  

In 2007, when he went to Behrampur village in West Bengal, he saw that people had to walk with PCOs from the battery of the truck due to lack of power.

Every night the PCO owner had to carry the battery up to 12 Km away and then charge the battery overnight and come back to his village Behrampur and run the PCO.  

Along with this, his interest further increased when he saw that all day long PCO people had a long line of people to call and he used to charge money at will.

 Keeping this in mind, Rahul Sharma facilitated his other co-founders to change the path and thought of launching an Indian mobile phone with long battery backup.

After this, Micromax launched a one-month battery backup phone for just Rs 2150.  In the rural area of ​​the country, the first lot of 10 thousand was sold without advertisement in 10 days.  With this, Micromax got direction – know the need of the customer and fulfill it.  

Micromax shifted its focus to making and selling mobile phones. Rahul Sharma, Rajesh Aggarwal, Vikas Jain, and Sumit Arora, these four friends together changed the image of Micromax.

After this, Micromax introduced dual SIM mobile phones, universal remote control phones, affordable smartphones.

Rahul says these new features of simple technology were not launched by the giants, their handsets had many features, but only 5% of them were used by customers.  Micromax today is making 70 models of 3G/4G Android smartphones, tablets, LED TVs.

Rahul Sharma, who was included in Forbes magazine’s list of powerful businessmen under the age of 40, has wowed the smartphone giants by launching Micromax mobile phones at a quarter price from Samsung, Nokia, and LG.

Rahul Sharma says that a very easy strategy was adopted for Micromax.  A new round of outsourcing was created as the wage rate in China decreased.  The company resorted to China to make itself big.  

In the beginning, the company started launching the phone in the Indian market just like the Chinese handset.  It happened that people started thinking of Micromax as an Indian, not a Chinese company.

Nevertheless, the company’s coin remained frozen in the Indian market.  Micromax had the biggest success with its handset Bling. It was the most exclusive handset designed for women, which was launched in the Indian market at a low price.

Rahul says that his father is the true inspiration and real hero of his life and says that his credit goes to my father wherever he is today.



Famous Entrepreneurs – Kalanick’s Success Story

Famous Entrepreneurs

Famous Entrepreneurs




San Francisco – Winters of 2008 were. Travis Kalanik and Garrett Camp went to Paris to attend a conference.  Garrett had sold his start-up Stumble Upon and Kalanick to his startup Redswitch Travis Kalanick. 

Both of them were sitting together, were in turmoil, now what to do next. In the morning, it was a 5’o clock. It turned out how difficult it is to find a cab and wait for it.

Garrett’s mindset about San Francisco’s scary taxi problem. And the plan to build a mobile app was laid, which is today known as Uber App.

This Uber, which started in 2009-2010, has become a $ 51 billion startup this month by raising $ 100 million in new funding. Uber has become the world’s most valuable startup.  

This speed of growth is faster than Facebook.  Facebook took seven years to reach the $ 50 billion mark, while Uber has crossed it only in five years.

The new fading at Uber comes from Microsoft and an Indian company. Today, Uber will invest $ 100 million in the next nine months in India with the new fadings being operated in more than 300 cities of 58 countries.

CEO Travis Kalanick grew up in California from Uber. He wanted to be a detective when he was a child.  Teenager Travis used to sell knives with his mother from house to house.

At the age of 18, he also tried to earn some money by opening a training school. Travis, who went to computer engineering from the University of California in 1998, dropped out of school and started a startup called Scour with friends.

Jyothi Reddy Success Story

She is the founder and  CEO of Key Software Solutions. This success story is about a struggling woman who was born in a small village in Andhra Pradesh, starting from a wage of 5 Rupees to a $ 5 million turnover company.

Jyothi has fought a big battle to get success. She grew up as an orphan in Telangana and became COO in software solutions of a large US company. 

Jyothi was married to a man twice as old as him in 16 years. At the age of 18, she also had two children.

She worked on a farm for five rupees a day.  The worst time for them was when they thought of killing their child due to a lack of money and also thought of killing themselves twice.

This story starts from there when her father leaves his job and decides to keep his two daughters in an orphanage and his son with him. 

Jyothi’s sister ran away and came back to her house, while Jyothi had decided to stop moving at the age of 9. 

A very bad time came out in the orphanage without the love of her family and started studying in a government school, but at the age of 16, she was forced to marry him to a much older man.

After going through all these problems, Jyothi was most hated poverty. They had to run after their dreams every day. Some of her dreams were very simple. Like four boxes of lentils rice so that their children can eat properly. And some dreams had grown how 10 new saris in a suitcase.

Her struggle continued and somehow she completed her BA in 1992. And later became a teacher in 396 Rupees’ salary and started teaching in school.

Later joined the computer course and at the behest of someone, in the year 2000, she went there to fulfill her dreams with a US visa. The dream was big but money was low.

In Us, she did bathroom cleaning in gas stations in motels and more.  But later she got a $ 420 job in a cassette shop. One day an Indian offered him a job of $ 1000 in a recruiting firm in which living and eating were free. 

This was the time when she had to deal with American citizens, while she did not know English well.

Later, after some time, she thought of starting her work.  She understood the process of Visa very well, now she opened her consulting firm with a savings of $ 40,000 and first got a Gujarati boy to work in a software company.  It was that day and today she did not look back.

They watch their battle themselves and decorate their luck with their own hands.  Abul Kalam Azad was her idol. And she herself is the ideal of orphans in India.



  Famous Entrepreneurs – Adolf Dassler’s Motivational Story

Famous Entrepreneurs

Famous Entrepreneurs
Source :
  • History:

Born in the home of a German shoe factory worker, Adolf Dassler’s journey to the founding of the world-famous company Adidas is interesting and full of ups and downs. 

His childhood was spent in Herzogonarch.  Herzog means king or duke and arch is a river.  This river has a deep connection with the story of Adolf. Adolf, the founder of Adidas, was the younger brother of Rudolf Dassler, the founder of Puma, the consumer product maker.

About a hundred years ago, a man named Christoph Dassler stitched shoes in a shoe factory in Herzogenaurach, a small town in Nuremberg (Germany). Wife Paulina ran a small laundry there.  The couple had two sons – Adolf and Rudolph, affectionately called Adi and Rudi, both brothers being good sportsmen. 

Adi is never happy with the fitting of a sports shoe made by his father.  He used to think how a player can perform well in the field by wearing such shoes.

Adolf started making shoes at an early age.  When Adi found these shoes very convenient in the playground, he started making shoes for his friends too, who was well-liked. 

Before they joined the factory, the first world war started.  Adolf fought on behalf of Germany. After returning from the first world war, he started making sports shoes in his mother’s laundry.

Adolf, who had suffered defeat as a soldier, wanted to do something that would remove the stigma of defeat. His father Christoph and other brothers who make track shoes helped Adolf in this. 

 On 1 July 1924, Adolf started his “Dassler Brothers shoe factory” with elder brother Rudolf Dessler.

  • The first factory built in the laundry:

Seeing the popularity of the shoes he made, Adi decided to set up a factory to manufacture sports shoes with brother Rudi, but no money.  The two brothers made the mother’s laundry as their workshop.  

When there was no electricity here, he used to generate electricity with the pedal power of a stationary bicycle.  In this way, when Adi and Rudi earned a little money, they formed a company called Dassler Brothers on 1 July 1924 but parted ways due to political reasons.

  • Adidas shoe wore in Olympics:

In the 1928 Olympics, Dassler made goods for several players. This earned him international fame.  During the Summer Olympics in Berlin in 1936, Dassler made shoes and other accessories for American athlete Jesse Owens.

Jesse wore gold shoes in the 100m, 200m, and 4x100m relay races wearing heels and also captured gold in the long jump. Jessie’s performance also made Adi’s shoes famous.

Meanwhile, Hitler emerged in Germany.  With this, the gap between the Dessler brothers began to widen.  Both brothers initially took membership of the Nazi Party. Despite this, Rudolf became closer to the Communists.  

He joined the communist squad but was captured by the Nazi party. Here, Adi continued to manufacture shoes under the guise of Nazi membership.

After the Nazi fall, American forces detained Adolf, later leaving. By 1948, the gap between the two brothers had widened.

Rudolf settled on the other side of the Arch River in his town and started his company, Puma.  On the other side of the river, Adolf renamed the company Adidas based on his nickname Adi.

In this way, the Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory of 1924 was renamed Adidas in 1948.  The river still exists today as a line between the companies of the two brothers. 

After Adolf’s death in 1978, his son Horst and his wife Cath took over the management of Adidas.  After Horst’s death in 1987, Adidas was made a private limited company in 1989. Today Adidas is a 71,600 crore company and 51,000 employees work in it.


Famous Entrepreneurs -Linda Lightman eBay Story

Famous Entrepreneurs

Famous Entrepreneurs
  • Achievement – Started selling video games in one room, today the biggest eBay seller
  • Age – 53 years
  • Education – Studying law in America
  • Family – Husband Fred,  two children 
  •  Why in discussion – On the 20th anniversary of eBay’s website, she has emerged as the top seller.

One billion stores cost a billion 66 crores.  Linda Lightman, who created the annual sell stronghold, is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

She is considered the best seller out of eBay’s 25 million sellers.  She has been running her store under the name of Linda Stuff for 15 years. This mother of two children first started selling video games.

People did not understand how a common housewife is selling such things. Not only this, but she has also been a Labor and Employment Attorney in New York.  

In 2006, she had only a few people to work with.  She then started selling clothes, shoes and other accessories as well. Then only 53 things were sold, but now they sell 5000 things per day.

She explains that she does in-depth studies before selling things. A couple of shoes are sold on eBay in the US every two seconds, while a cellphone every four seconds.  According to her, there is a buyer available on eBay for someone like you. 

They understand very well how pictures should be put on the website to sell their product. She started with less than one room in the house and now the whole house is full of goods.

In the last seven years, the office had to be changed four times in the last seven years. First took a house of 5000 sq ft, then 25000 sq ft and finally a new house of 93000 sq ft had to be taken.

Linda Lightman’s fortunes began to change from 2003 when she sell started growing.  Seeing this, her husband Fred also started working as Linda Stuff and 25-year-old son also joined.  This made this family business. However, the second son works in a private equity company in New York.


Famous Entrepreneurs – Amit Kumar Das Success Story

Famous Entrepreneurs
  • Name – Amit Kumar Das
  • Company and Group – ISOFT Group, IST Group and Innotech Group 
  • Headquarter – Sydney Australia
  • Born – In 1979, 
  • Belongs to – Moraul village in Forbesganj, Bihar
  • Current Status – Amit Kumar Das is a multi-millionaire NRI Entrepreneur

Amit Kumar Das is a non-resident Indian who comes from Bihar and has gifted to his state by building an engineering college worth 120 crores.

Amit Kumar Das Moti Babu Institute of Technology is built-in Moraul village of Aradhya in the name of his father.  The institute will be inaugurated on 22 July. Amit Kumar Das is now the settler in Australia.

When he left his village from Bihar, he had only 250 rupees.  Amit Kumar Das who is the son of a poor farmer has given a precious gift to his state.

He says that it was my heartfelt wish that I could give something to my home state in the education field so that thousands of poor children dream of becoming engineers. 

This institute is located 300 km from Patna. It is affiliated to Government Aryabhatta University. There will be a four-year beta course in which 60 children will be taken in five streams.

  • Where is today?

Amit Kumar Das is the chairman of the multinational company iSoft in Sydney, Australia.  They have two more big companies whose annual turnover is 150 crores.

  • Why has the college opened?

He could not dream of becoming an engineer because he had problems with money.  Therefore he wants every child in his village should be able to study well.

  • How to reach here:

Amit Kumar Das did not get success overnight.  He wanted to help his family financially. But they could not do it.  One day he left for Delhi with 250 rupees.

He says that when I reached Delhi, someone said that take a computer course so that you can get a job easily.  He further states that he went to a big computer institute where the receptionist asked him when he came.

But he could not understand because the question was in English.  The receptionist advised him to take an English speaking course first.

Amit Kumar Das did the first three-month English speaking course and joined a six-month computer course with him.  Later in the same institute, he started teaching as a computer teacher.

After a few days, he set up his own software company in a room of ’10 x 10 ‘and started making some small software.  Gradually expanded the company and reached this point today.




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