Most profitable small businesses ideas Tactic That Will Help You Win in life

small business ideas
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           Small Business Ideas    

small business ideas

            25 Small Business Ideas Hacks: A Cheat Sheet for Readers

Imagine that you were born in the 16th century. Your occupation and future would be mostly predetermined by the family you were born into.

If you wanted to become successful, you would have to be born into the family of a king, a bishop, or a wealthy trader. Luckily those days are gone.

We live in the idea age.

Some of the most successful companies such as Microsoft, Walmart, Apple, and Honda became successful not because of the wealth and social status of the families their founders were born into, but because of the ideas behind them.

what your life might look like if you could improve the quantity and quality of small business ideas that you generate, multiple times.

You could create a business that would change the world. You might change the lives of millions of people and leave a mark in history. And You also make each of your days more adventurous and interesting.

In 1968 George Land and Beth Jarman gave a test, used by NASA to measure the creativity of engineers and scientists, to 1,600 five-year-old kids. Later, they gave the same test to kids at the age of 10 and 15.

The results showed that at the age of five, 98% of children demonstrate a genius level of creativity; at the age of 10, about 30% of children demonstrate a genius level of creativity, and at the age of 15, only 10%.

The same test was given to a group of adults and among them only 2% showed a genius level of creativity. Children are extremely creative but when they begin going to school their creativity drops significantly.

The great news is that you can significantly improve your ability to generate successful business ideas.

Over the last 10 years I have researched small business ideas generation techniques used by the world’s best scientists, entrepreneurs, CEO, and innovators.

I carefully collected and analyzed every small bit of wisdom that may increase the number and quality of business ideas that one can produce.

As a result, the Business Idea Factory system was created which describes an extremely effective and easy-to-use process for creating successful small business ideas. 

I promise that if you take the techniques described in this article seriously and begin implementing them today, your life will change for the better.

There are few things that can bring as much joy and success in business as the moment when an excellent idea comes into your head. Are you ready to build your business idea factory? Let’s begin…

                    Affiliate Marketing


If you know how digital marketing works but think it’s too much trouble to sell something of your own, sell other people’s stuff!

It’s really that simple – employ your marketing wisdom to generate sales for say, Amazon, and take payment for your efforts. 

Mind you, you only make money when purchases happen, so be warned of the terms and conditions of the affiliate network/channel you’ve decided to join.

It can be as simple as launching a blog that promotes products of your choice.

This requires you to have an eye for detail as to which products are truly good and likely to catch on in popularity. 

When you have enough followers that you can redirect, you’re better off building a whole website. 

Either way, you need high-quality content on it to keep visitors informed.

You can teach yourself affiliate marketing without attending a course in person. 

There are many free and paid resources that get you in the groove.

Smart marketers can scale up from a few clients to a large number with a few tweaks.


-Degree/Course in Marketing
-Understanding of Digital Marketing


– INR 2,000-3,000

25 small business ideas Tactics That Will Help You Win in life BUSINESS FOR SALE BROKING

This simply means you find people who wish to sell their businesses and connect them to prospects interested in buying a business instead of building it from scratch.

You act as a directory of small (or big) businesses and liaise between interested parties.

You are a broker who can find a suitable-sized business for those who are in the market.

This means you should keep yourself in the know, and work actively to make deals.

When you have good deals to find and keep going, you can earn a percentage on the sale, in addition to upfront fees. 

Brokers are the ones ready to do the legwork, get a good price for the sale, and help get it done fast. 

They have all the connections, so you need a good network.

You have to attend events, meet intermediaries and business owners, as well as budding owners and venture capitalists.

In the beginning, you can charge per hour for your strategic advice and services. As you gain experience and take on bigger projects, you can charge per deal.

This business is calculable as your network develops.


-Marketing and strategizing knowledge
-Financial knowledge to help make the statements


-INR 4,00,000-11,00,000


25 small business ideas Tactics That Will Help You Win in life


The next time you’re at the brink of giving a friend advice on what she should spend her professional life on, take a moment.

See if your education, career experience, and current stage in life allows you to do this full-time for a free/paid membership.

Career counseling doesn’t stop with telling someone to pick one career over another, nor does it start there.

As a career counselor, it is your business to find out what a person’s areas of interest are and whether working in that area would be suited to that person’s personality and temperament. 

It helps to decide on whether you plan to work with say students of technical education, or arts students. 

Defining your niche helps you to focus all your attention on offering true value to this category of students.

 You can even choose a niche that you yourself have majored in, and therefore have a personal interest and experience in.

Your job is to build up overall confidence in addition to people to find careers. 

You can scale up by reaching out to universities and colleges.

Proper advertising on online job portals attracts professionals planning to switch to other areas.


-Active listening skills to gauge students’ interest areas
-Energetic promotion to students and professionals


– INR 0-upwards


25 small business ideas Tactics That Will Help You Win in lifeCONSULTING

Consulting can be for just about any skill or area of expertise that you’re ready to offer for a fee to those who need it. 

From building an app to getting a design for a studio apartment, customers can get anything done on a consulting platform.

Since your services are mostly a product of your mind and presence (physical or virtual).

you needn’t go through the additional expense of having an office. 

In these times, your web and social media presence speak the most about you. 

You can offer your consulting services through your website, by sending out cold emails or messages through any of the social media channels and networking sites, or by cold-calling too.

Being articulate and expressive can help you build your personal brand. 

You will promote your services online for the most part, and a significant part of your earnings as well energies goes into advertising your services. 

To scale up, add more partners, consultants, or freelancers to your team as needed. Again, networking counts a whole lot!

  • REQUIREMENT:                     

 – College degree                      

 – Convincing portfolio


-INR 3,000-30,000


25 small business ideas Tactics That Will Help You Win in life

                       CONTENT DEVELOPMENT

The need for good content is ever-increasing. 

Every marketing campaign you can think of needs images, words, video, and dynamic explanatory features like infographics. 

Content developers, depending on their area of expertise, write the words, curate visual content, and fill in the details.

To start a content development business is something you can do with no extra skill needed, other than what school and college already teach you. 

You should find information related to a topic (research) and construct a sensible narrative around it.

Presenting this content in an engaging manner to readers is the primary focus of content development. 

It includes taking inputs from different sources, incorporating the most-searched keywords, and getting the readers and search engines to value the content presented. 

Content development is an important function of content marketing.

Every business in the process of promoting itself has content needs – your growth can be astronomically high.


-Excellent writing skills
-Storytelling strengths
-Penchant for research


– INR 0-50,000


25 small business ideas Tactics That Will Help You Win in life


Large businesses and small alike look to competitively-priced event managers when they have events to pull off. 

Event planning is where your personality counts a lot – if you can think on your feet, and not get bored by pressure.

you can play this game better than the players who have the most impressive credentials

Having a wide and disparate network allows you to make arrangements at the drop of a hat –

you’ve got to know public relations coordinators, caterers, florists, decorators, and human resource coordinators. 

Moreover, You can cater to reward parties, employee engagement outings (off-site), brand/product launch events, and all types of milestone celebrations for companies.

Corporate events need to have a professional sheen and the unseen hand should do all the work – when you can swing this, the scope of event planning can be quite wide and full of possibilities. 

Extremely favorable scaling up opportunities! Your team can grow by leaps and bounds as you get more popular. 

And remember to snag those testimonials. Word-of-mouth testimony is best in this case.


-Event Management Course

-Good public relations


– INR 35,000-1,00,00


25 small business ideas Tactics That Will Help You Win in life


Everything is going online these days, but many companies prefer to stay away. 

This player is especially useful to the existing companies that are hesitant about entering the space of virtual selling. 

An expert in the virtual domain can help build the business’s web presence and guide them on how to provide their products and services online.

The services provided by a consultant invariably involve promotion ideas, trying out different channels, and conducting events in the real or virtual space.

 The traffic to your client’s website and blogs depends to a large extent on your ideas.

So you are directly responsible for the whole conversion and whatever revenue made via each channel.

While the virtual marketplace is all about converting visitors into customers, e-commerce consultants suggest that you have to first offer value.

And engagement to make them open their e-wallets and spend money at your payment gateway (website or an affiliate site).

Google and Facebook Ads, YouTube marketing, and you, the e-commerce consultant, can be the answer.

You can divide up your time equitably between several small clients and work your way up to bigger ones as your skills improve.


-Freelance Online profile


– INR 10,000-20,000


25 small business ideas Tactics That Will Help You Win in life


Training can be in any form, on a real or virtual platform. But, it should be in a discipline over which you have authority.

 So that you can take care of a company’s end-to-end training needs and turn over to them a batch of employees with updated skills.

If you would like to set up an institute with several training rooms and other investments.

you need to check the geographical of your chosen industry. 

In some cases, a remotely placed set of students who log in regularly to receive knowledge transfer through teleconferencing is possible. 

This means you don’t need to set up an office! Save on all the rentals and costs while gaining on a per-hour or per-project rate.

The subject could be anything you have proven expertise in – ranging from soft skills and negotiation in sales to customer service etiquette and safety measures at the workplace, or a particular selection of technical skills.

When you make a name as a corporate trainer, you will get projects and gigs specific to your area and you can choose depending on how busy you wish to be.


-Certification/degree and experience in the subject


-INR 4,00,000-11,00,000



25 small business ideas Tactics That Will Help You Win in life


Every layperson knows that exercise is essential for long-term health. 

If you are fit and know how to motivate others to keep in good shape, the role of a fitness instructor (part-time or full-time) will fit you like a glove.

There are many fitness academies that offer fitness certifications after rigorous practice and test routines.

You also need to be aware of calorific values, dietary intake, and some understanding of the human physiognomy – the bone and muscular structure. 

When you have the right understanding of these factors, you are less likely to cause injury to yourself, or to anyone you wish to guide on the path of fitness.

The good thing about starting a fitness coaching business is that you don’t have to set up an office/gym immediately. 

You can offer your services as a personal trainer to groups or families, or even one-on-one.

Once this works out, you can start your own studio.

Definitely scalable! Get more clients by teaching groups, and working with TV actors and small-time celebrities who are focused on their body image. 

One assignment can bring you many more!


-Fitness trainer course 

-An enviable physique
-Ability to motivate the client


– INR 30,000-upwards


25 small business ideas Tactics That Will Help You Win in life


With the growth of numerous chains of retail stores, salon services, and restaurants in the market.

Many business aspirants are looking to join a chain to reap the benefits of the brand image.   

Since obtaining a franchise contract is an elaborate process, and assistance from a proper consultant in how to log a tender or request for information is critical in reducing processing times.

A good franchise consultant has a database of all the leads looking to enter franchise leases and business owners.

Interested in letting their brand name get stronger, with a wider reach, through franchise contracts.

A franchise consultant offers a range of services, including tips on how to make the franchise business successful.

The strategy to be followed for each distinct type of business function, handling of intellectual property, and so much more. 

This business can be carried out at the client’s business location or at a co-working space – no need for you to build your own office. 

Scaling up requires building gradually. The track record of successful contracts drawn up can function as your experience.


-Deep knowledge of business models, assessment criteria
-Checklists, projections
-Register consulting company properly 


– INR 1000-upwards


 25 Small Business Ideas Tactics That Will Help You Win in life


Raising funds for a cause is a noble enterprise, but not everyone has the acumen to get people to sign the cheque. 

For these business people who are too busy to do the actual task of fundraising, a consultant who has an understanding of who to approach and when can be a boon.

As a fundraising consultant, you are the agent who popularizes the cause and communicates all the necessary messaging to the right audiences so that more people find the cause resonating with their beliefs and decide to participate. 

This cause can even be a private business seeking to raise capital.

In this case, you as the consultant, would understand the financial position and present a snapshot of the business so that it is attractive to investors.

A cause presented in an attractive manner is sure to bring about a tidy investment.

Depending on whether you work for business or non-profits, you will develop expertise and grow in one domain.

Scaling up is possible as you gain experience and step up the promotion of your services.


-Deep understanding of financial accounting
-Excellent knowledge of public relations


– INR 2,500-5,000


 25 Small Business Ideas Tactics That Will Help You Win in life


Farming and growing fruit, vegetables, or flowers can be quite satisfying.

The best part is that this can be done at any scale, in a spot as small as your backyard.

Your main investment will be your time and all the learning you will put in – the types of soil, the combination of sunshine and shade each cultivar needs

where you will get the best seeds, and what other nutrients you can add to ensure a fine crop. 

If you do this right, you will be left with fresh organically grown produce that you can trade in the market.

In time, a larger scale of greenhouse farming can ensure a regular supply of fruit and veggies which you can supply to your local grocer.

To start supplying and trading, you first need to get the ‘India Organic’ certification –

a label has given if the product meets the standards of NSOP – National Standards of Organic Production which was established in the year 2000. 

The Certifying Authority is Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA).

With the right natural inputs on converted land, ensuring no contamination, use of sustainable practices, the production can be scaled up and you can spread the impact you build.


-‘India Organic’ label by APEDA
-Awareness about what to grow


– INR 5,00,000-upwards



 25 Small Business Ideas Tactics That Will Help You Win in life


The human capital in the organization is the one that needs the utmost nurturing.

Everything else depends on how employees and top brass act day in and day out. 

Human resource consulting can help bring out the best in them so that each decision they make is for the betterment of the organization, business, and industry.

HR consulting is offered at various fronts – recruitment, payroll, training, compliance, and a host of other functions.

Small to medium-size firms looking to outsource these activities to small teams and this can easily turn into a long-term collaboration.

 Moreover, HR consulting focuses on offering employees ways to develop themselves, add to their skill-sets, and gives them means of engagement. 

Valuable certifications are: 

  • Certified Human Resources Consultant (CHRC) from Human Resource Management Institute and 
  • Certified Resources Analyst, Human Resource Certification from National Academy of Management Consultants.

-Degree in HR
-HR software like ZOHO People, People Works


-INR 4,00,000-7,00,000


 25 Small Business Ideas Tactics That Will Help You Win in life


A little bit of a setting into your looks and persona gives the confidence such a boost, that it is certainly worth trying. 

You can be that person giving people makeovers and helping them see themselves in a favorable light. 

Apart from fashion advice, you can give tips on the colors that suit their complexion, the hairstyle that would complement their face shape, suggestions on footwear and clothing sizes, and lots more. 

A few sittings with you would give your clients better gait and more confidence. 

You can also offer tips on conversation starters, etiquette tips, and ideas on how they can develop their personality inwardly.

Invest in yourself primarily so that your face, body language, and clothes exude confidence.

Learn how to groom yourself, invest in a powerful wardrobe, and practice a killer smile. 

More than a degree, this is about poise, self-awareness, deep empathy, and understanding of subtle body language cues. 

These observations will help you offer the best tips to each client.

It is possible to give advice one-on-one or get a corporate contract where you address people in group settings.

Publicity done by satisfied clients can spread quickly.

Your aim would be to reach the top business people, professionals, government officials, and leaders in society.


-Degree in Psychology

-Background as a Life Coach


-INR 10,000-1,00,000



 25 Small Business Ideas Tactics That Will Help You Win in life


With rising health awareness, everyone is determined to eat right these days. 

Since not every meal can be planned to keep nutrients and balance in mind, guidelines from people who study the nutrition aspect of food meal-planning easy.  

If you have a special interest in the nutritional value each ingredient offers, you can plan meals for others and also suggest helpful combinations of dishes, sauces, and condiments that offer a balanced diet.

As the nutrition guide, you would have to know how the human body works – especially the digestive and excretory systems. 

A large part of your investment is the course you take; it must provide certification and essential learning. 

This is a business that can be done mostly from home, and with occasional visits to speak at conventions, participate in health and wellness conferences and program and to coach clients one-on-one at their homes for demonstrations.

Scale-up by offering flyers, and creating awareness online through social media.


-Interest in food properties and flavor combinations
-Zeal to help customers reach a positive change in lifestyle


-INR 3,00,000-5,00,000 



 25 Small Business Ideas Tactics That Will Help You Win in life


Ever since consumers found out that homegrown, seasonal produce is the best for consumption, demand for organic groceries and perishables has increased manifold. 

Nutritionists and healthcare practitioners agree that seeds and cultivars should be responsibly-sourced. 

They should be free of chemical usage either to enhance growth or to reduce pests.

This means you only carry products from suppliers that you trust.

Organic stores can carry anything from soaps, cosmetics, and personal care items to food (perishable and long shelf life). 

You can even start an organic store from home if you plan to sell a limited number of items, and wish to specialize in them.

 Look for suppliers who have an Organic Trade Association Licence or become a member yourself to increase credibility in the market. 

Other examples of highly profitable commodities are basmati rice, dry fruits, nuts, and even snacks.

The geographical advantage is crucial – you can sell more if your stock is available at prime locations.

Once your licenses are in place, increase your stocking budget to include more variety and reach out to more customers. Promote your store online and offline to make more sales.


-Food and Beverage license
-Regional health department license


– INR15,00,000-20,00,000



 25 Small Business Ideas Tactics That Will Help You Win in life


If the inner child is you are always hankering to come out, you couldn’t do better than setting up a pre-school.  


You do not need any specific qualifications, but training in the Montessori method can be a great start for your pre-school.

The most important things are your patience, ability to handle mishaps that often happen around toddlers and pre-schoolers, and your capability to engage them in an entertaining, stimulating way.

This age group loves attention, care, and cuddling, and needs constant supervision.

You might need to hire a couple of helpers.

The number of children you hope to take in determines every other factor.

It helps to locate your pre-school near apartment complexes and townships, and schools. 

People with children should find your pre-school within a handy distance from home or from schools that older siblings go to.

You can handle more children as you add premises. But this also increases the staffing requirement.


-Legal permission from State Government
-Registration of Pre-school


– INR 5,00,000-10,00,000


 25 Small Business Ideas Tactics That Will Help You Win in life


Consumer behavior is a subject within marketing for good reason – it helps to understand the psyche of customers before expecting them to buy a product. 

Branding for a product begins from the very first message sent out to the packaging it comes in. 

It’s all part of the customer’s experience.

You can become the point-person for getting the product ready for the open market. 

This is relevant to retail marketing where everything from the store’s ambiance to the services/amenities provided on the shop floor, and the packaging are engaging to the customer.

Product branding specialists have many ideas like offering freebies, samples, or contests on the packaging in an attempt to snag the interest of the buyer.

It is recommended that you grow slowly and gather pace as you gain more experience.

This is the surest way to garner repeat clients. 

Growth possibilities are high when retailers are out to set up promotional campaigns.


-Marketing Degree
-Knowledge of Consumer Behavior


-INR 2,000-4,00,000



 25 Small Business Ideas Tactics That Will Help You Win in life


Hiring managers are notorious for the short span of time they spend scanning a resume. 

This is not about to change anytime soon – given the pressures of recruiting fast.

 A resume written professionally by a person who is conversant with both the language and the needs of a hiring manager makes life easier for both applicant and recruiter.

 The resume is a snapshot of the candidate that can help determine suitability for a given role. 

Sweeping generalization, cliches, or inane statements which are nothing but claims can reduce the credibility of the candidate and move him/her to the bottom of the pile in seconds.

Professionals and students who’re getting their resume made for the first time can profit from your services if you have good writing skills.

You need to have a penchant for research and express the candidates in clear, simple words – enhancing your claims with valid numbers.


-Good writing skills


-INR 0-25,000



 25 Small Business Ideas Tactics That Will Help You Win in life


The web has taken over our lives but there is a way to streamline the content we’re exposed to – and this is carefully shaped through digital marketing. 

It follows simple logic – the most relevant content should appear topmost on a search engine, and it is the SEO consultant who makes that happen.

Any and all business these days hire SEO consultants to make their webpages web-friendly, user-friendly, and attractive. 

SEO convinces users to take affirmative action whether it is joining a membership or buying something. 

Learning these steps is easy provided you’re interested in detail work and are quick to learn.

SEO evolves over and over and major changes come quite regularly – and an SEO consultant has to stay current on all these developments.

You can branch off into teaching SEO, or hire more people to handle more clients. 

Small businesses and solopreneurs will appreciate your services – and you still don’t need an office.


-Good SEO knowledge


-INR 0-35,000



 25 Small Business Ideas Tactics That Will Help You Win in life


This is a great option for people who possess the needed know-how and the knack to help others understand concepts. 

Studying through online tutorials at one’s own pace is all the rage now. Students, professionals, business people, retired people – everybody takes classes online on a variety of topics.

If you have authority on a topic and want to spread knowledge, you can register as a teacher on any of the popular teaching portals. 

In some cases, you can make up your own course materials, conduct tests, and guide students towards standardizing certification. 

This will give a lot of satisfaction besides also filling up your productive hours with success stories.

You get to keep flexible hours, and also teach as per how busy you wish to be.

Getting your first few students should be your first goalpost, and your popularity can spread from that stage. 

It’s possible to club students together in batches, release material in bulk, or repurpose content to suit different courses – so it is scalable to a large extent.


– Computer with Webcam/Microphone

– Screensharing 


– INR 35,000-1,00,000



 25 Small Business Ideas Tactics That Will Help You Win in life


Teaching is an evergreen business you can conduct from anywhere, even on the go! 

If you live in a large community or township, you can advertise your tutoring services to the people around you and get your first pupils. 

You can decide whether you’d like to teach adults or children – and what your offerings are. 

Mainstream tutoring would be in academic subjects and disciplines; but there is something to be taught all year round, even during the summer holidays.

From a sport to an indoor hobby, arts, or fitness; anything you’re good at can become your offering, provided you have expertise in this chosen area. 

You should be able to demonstrate your ability and also demonstrate the intent to teach.

 If you love teaching, you can gain popularity through word-of-mouth and even consider teaching online, having a YouTube channel for teaching videos, and much more.

Within the same student-group or age group, you can take as many students as your comfortable handling in one chunk of time.

 You can fill your entire day by scheduling classes with care. This business plan is scalable to a large extent.


-College degree
-Convincing portfolio


– INR 0-10,000



 25 Small Business Ideas Tactics That Will Help You Win in life


Aesthetic sense and tech skills combine in this area to produce a vision that’s both appealing and technically sound. 

Video editing is easy if you are computer-literate. It calls for patience to adjust frames. 

You can go a step further and curate content that suits your client’s requirements too.

Video editing requires you to be dynamic and patient without personal judgment clouding your work. 

The scope of the work is wide-ranging because every business now maintains a social media page and uses videos to attract user engagement across platforms. 

Editing services are in high demand and there’s a good chance you can set up a long-term collaboration if you keep your skills updated.

You can freelance and build enough of a customer base to earn a living.

It is possible to increase business by offering other multimedia services for text, audio, and pictures. 

All this can be done from your private desk with no need for an office.


-Familiarity with Non-Linear Editing Systems (NLE)
-Video Editing Soft wares


-INR 30,000-50,000



 25 Small Business Ideas Tactics That Will Help You Win in life


This is a job you’ll find appearing everywhere.

The role you perform can range from sending out emails, scheduling events, and catering to all the professional needs of busy business people, leaders, and public figures.

You will be their first point of contact in the virtual space, and in some cases, their spokesperson.

For this reason, good communication skills, presence of mind, and attention to detail go a long way at this job. 

You might often need to compile clear, concise reports.

Your role frees up time for busy workers who do not wish to get tied up with repetitive tasks administrative work.

This may involve invoicing, cross-checking details, making travel arrangements, and sometimes personal tasks too.

Expect to get on board with the job immediately as you get trained and learn on-the-job. 

Virtual assistants are often involved in content creation that demands subject-matter research, fact checks, finding images, and collating all of it into a finished piece. 

The key is in promoting your services relentlessly. This will help you get fresh clients. 

Plan and schedule them during your day (or night). Be honest about your availability and you can scale this up to full-time hours.


-Good Communication Skills


– INR 0-30,000



 25 Small Business Ideas Tactics That Will Help You Win in life


To an audience focused on visual aids, the importance of a good background score and narrative is not felt until it isn’t there.

Documentaries, podcasts, movies, short films, and even advertisements need a voice artist to state, explain, and interpret on-screen content.

The best audio and video feeds together make sense in any media.

Pure audio files also have a good impact when told right. When the medium is radio, announcers or jockeys can make a tidy packet by using tone and voice appropriately. 

They can even act with their voices and make listeners feel present in the moment.

If you have a malleable, versatile voice, good diction, and pronunciation, and can depict expressions through your voice, you should offer a voice-over service.

 For this, you need a portfolio of recordings created around different scenarios. 

 you have training in vocal music, let one of your pieces showcase that.

Voice culture is something you’ll develop as you practice more. It is important not to overdo this. 

Once you can mold your voice according to your assignments, you can scale up with ease.


-Good audio equipment 

-Portfolio of Audio clips


– INR 1,000-10,000



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