25 Incredible Small Business Ideas Examples

Creative Small Business Ideas
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Most Successful Creative Small Business Ideas


Creative Small Business Ideas

Creative Small Business Ideas, You Will Read This Year. Imagine that you were born in the 16th century. Your occupation and future would be mostly predetermined by the family you were born into.

If you wanted to become successful, you would have to be born into the family of a king, a bishop or a wealthy trader. Luckily those days are gone.

We live in the idea age. 

Some of the most successful companies such as Microsoft, Walmart, Apple and Honda became successful not because of the wealth and social status of the families their founders were born into, but because of the ideas behind them.

What your life might look like if you could improve the quantity and quality of business ideas that you generate, multiple times.

You could create a business that would change the world. You might change the lives of millions of people and leave a mark in history.

And You also make each of your days more adventurous and interesting.

In 1968 George Land and Beth Jarman gave a test, used by NASA to measure the creativity of engineers and scientists, to 1,600 five-year-old kids. Later, they gave the same test to kids at the age of 10 and 15.

The results showed that at the age of five, 98% of children demonstrate a genius level of creativity; at the age of 10, about 30% of children demonstrate a genius level of creativity, and at the age of 15, only 10%.

The same test was given to a group of adults and among them only 2% showed a genius level of creativity.

Children are extremely creative but when they begin going to school their creativity drops significantly.

The great news is that you can significantly improve your ability to generate successful business ideas.

Over the last 10 years I have researched creative small business ideas generation techniques used by the world’s best scientists, entrepreneurs, CEO, and innovators.

I carefully collected and analyzed every small bit of wisdom that may increase the number and quality of business ideas that one can produce.

As a result, the Business Idea Factory system was created which describes an extremely effective and easy-to-use process for creating successful small business ideas. 

I promise that if you take the techniques described in this article seriously and begin implementing them today, your life will change for the better.

There are few things that can bring as much joy and success in business as the moment when an excellent idea comes into your head.

Are you ready to build your business idea factory? Let’s begin….creative small business ideas list for you.


Most Powerful 25 Creative Small Business Ideas

Creative Small Business Ideas


The world has become a smaller and more interesting place. 

With budget travel becoming the norm, travelers are on the lookout for affordable places to stay and experience a place.

 If you love playing host and meeting new people, then being an Airbnb host is just the thing for you.

An Airbnb host not only gives a visitor a space to spend their stay, but they are also part of the experience that the traveler has.

Authentic meals, city tours, personal shopping experiences are part of the guest experiences you can offer.

To list on Airbnb, a space to rent out is a must.

There are additional fees like hosting fees and guest experience fees that vary from place to place. 

Make sure you do thorough research before you decide your rental costs.


-Space to rent out
-An Airbnb listing for space


-Variable as per space owned


Creative Small Business Ideas


Small businesses cannot afford the services of big marketing agencies that exists in the market to design their logo, advertisement, or other brand communication material.

 They do, however, need these kinds of services. If you are a graphic designer with a creative eye then you can start your own design studio for this.

The start-up cost is negligible assuming you already have a laptop/ PC to work with. 

A website or online portfolio will help showcase your work.

Networking is very important as brands prefer to trust their logo and such important things with a face, rather than simply find a random online person. 

Participating in entrepreneurial and startup events will bring you in contact with businesses that need you.

With good work and great references, you can build a highly successful venture.


-Relevant software and laptop/ computer


 INR 5,000-upwards

Most Powerful Creative Small Business Ideas

Creative Small Business Ideas


If setting people up for success is something that drives you then a business in personal branding is an area for you to consider.

Social media celebrities, budding best-selling authors, sports professionals, life coaches are all examples of individuals who need personal branding.

From personal logos to branded stationery, professional profiles online, and dressing styles, there are several aspects that go into creating someone’s personal brand.

A website with visuals and descriptions of your services along with testimonials from clients is a must. 

Good interpersonal skills and an understanding of how professionals in various industries are perceived is vital for this to be a success.

Cultivating each client to help them become a brand is time-consuming, but rewarding and you can build a very successful legacy in this field.


-Website and brand development experience


-INR 20,000-upwards


Creative Small Business Ideas


He who gives parents the opportunity to engage their children in a gadget-free environment is a modern-day hero! 

Parents need safe environments where kids can engage in wholesome fun.

Hectic schedules leave little time for elaborate weekend plans. 

A space with a good mix of interactive play activities where parents can relax as well is sure to be a success.

Interactive play, rock climbing facades, fun houses, trampolines, and maze runner activities would give children hours of fun and parents the gift of time. 

Make it thematic and have activities around the theme.

A space that is close to residential areas or in a mall is ideal for a concept like this.


-Play equipment
-In-state licenses and permits
-Staff to monitor the area and play


-INR 10,00,000-upwards


Creative Small Business Ideas


Those who love to cook and experiment in the kitchen could look at sharing that love and making a business out of it.

 Cooking classes will never go out of fashion as long as the love for good food endures.

Good interpersonal skills and the ability to organize lessons into teachable sections is important. 

Take up a particular cuisine, meal sets, or even just a part of a meal (for example desserts).

Making your classes fun and giving students written material that they can refer to later will help popularize your offering.

You can offer web-based or video-based tutorials as well.

A website of social media pages with student testimonials or small cooking videos is good publicity. 

You can eventually brand and market your classes and move into a more commercial set up.


-Space to conduct classes


– INR 1,000-upwards 

Most Creative Small Business Ideas

Creative Small Business Ideas


Digital marketing is the blue-eyed baby of the current advertising world. 

No brand promotion is complete without a digital campaign.

Digital marketing includes all the areas that attract eyeballs online.

Social media, video sharing platforms, blogs, websites etc, all of these are mediums of digital marketing.

A basic understanding of marketing principles is a must, to which you can apply the technicalities of digital marketing. 

Constant up-gradation of skills in this area is required as new platforms and online spaces are created every day and the popular ones keep changing their structures.

Once you are able to deliver effective results you will find your client list growing. 

Post which you can invest in a website and showcase your portfolio and client roster for greater success.


    -Digital marketing expertise
    -In-depth industry knowledge for marketing strategies

-INR 5,000-upwards


Creative Small Business Ideas


With a laptop, an internet connection, and some other logistical help, you have access to a global marketplace for success.

Dropshipping is a viable business model to start an eCommerce business from home. 

You will not need to stock any merchandise, as your role involves getting the product shipped from the retailer to the consumer. 

All you need is an e-commerce enabled website with product listings from your retailers that will clock orders from customers.

Choose your product categories based on what you think has good potential. 

The dropshipping concept can operate in any product vertical, including garments, toys accessories, and electronics.

You will have to protect your business from quality risks and customer poaching by putting in some safeguards like private label shipping or customized packaging slips.


-E-commerce website
-Shipping logistics
-Company registrations as per law


-INR 40,000-upwards 

Most Helpful Creative Small Business Ideas

Creative Small Business Ideas


I don’t need to be financially secure… said no one ever! 

The modern individual is bombarded with a lot of financial information and could do with some help.

If you have had a sound career in the financial sector then becoming a financial planner is your road to success. 

Start a blog where you can write about FAQs that generally figure on people’s minds.

While financial goals are broad and mostly the same (everyone wants to own a home, go on vacations, drive a nice car), each person’s individual needs are different (Where will the home be, what kind of vacation, which car?)

Your expertise and reputation will be built on how well you can help people set realistic goals and guide them in achieving those.


-Bachelor’s degree in finance, economics, business or statistics
-Working experience in the financial sector


-INR 0


Creative Small Business Ideas


Everyone feels like snacking in the day. Kids and adults alike reach for fast food, but often the options are not healthy for their health.

If you are great at experimenting with and creating tasty and healthy snacks for your family, then doing it as a business may be a great idea for you.

Hygiene and good packaging are important, as is making unique and niche products (like sugar-free biscuits, multigrain, diet-friendly, or oil-free snacks). 

You can start by making for friends and family, then spreading the word and taking larger orders.

Stocking at local grocery stores may also work for you.

If you have great products, demand will increase and you can hire help as you go along.

This business has the potential to be a great success.




– INR 1,000-upwards

Most Successful Creative Small Business Ideas

Creative Small Business Ideas


Don’t hesitate to motivate me!

If interpersonal skills in one of your strong points and you have a passion for helping people then becoming a life coach or a mentor is definitely something you should look at.

A highly altruistic personality and the ability to offer advice and sound counsel are prerequisites in embarking on this career path.

 An honest approach to creating value will help you gain the trust of your clients.

You can use many mediums. Seminars, one on one sessions, book writing, motivational videos, podcasts, etc are various options being used by life coaches and mentors.

While being a life coach may bring you a huge success, it also entails an even bigger responsibility. 

So taking this up also means you take ownership of your actions and their influence on others.


-Good interpersonal and communication skills


– INR 0


Creative Small Business Ideas


The internet has made geography expendable and the fitness industry is no exception. 

There is a huge scope for those with interest and expertise in fitness and nutrition to extend their services through the world wide web.

You can look at getting paid for keeping your clients motivated and focused on getting to their fitness goals.

All you need is a good fitness record for yourself and an active social media presence.

There are various mediums through which you can conduct your services and it can start with something as simple as a Whats app group. 

You could opt to create a website that showcases client testimonials and online appointment booking facilities. 

As a fitness instructor, you would also have the opportunity to endorse brands that you think have great quality and give results.


-Being fit and healthy
-Fitness and nutrition 


-INR 10,000-upwards


Creative Small Business Ideas


The only thing more stressful than being a parent who has to work is being a pet – parent who does. 

Fur babies need a lot of love, care, and attention.

According to India Pet Care Market Analysis 2016 – 21 the pet care market is set to grow by 17 % in this time period. 

So if you have a love for pet animals, then this is the business for you!

Start with one service and add more along the way. Pet sitting, pick up and drop, daycare/vacation – care services are options to explore.

An open space at home could then evolve into commercial spaces.

All this with an online presence will set you up for success. 



-Support staff, if required
-Vet services on call


-INR 30,000-upwards

Best Creative Small Business Ideas

Creative Small Business Ideas


Looking good isn’t just for humans, their pets can steal the show too! 

If you are great with four-legged friends and love turning them into picture-perfect cuties then starting a pet grooming salon is for you.

Cute hairstyles, pedicures, and spa sessions are all part of the pampering they lavish on their pets.

Experience with handling them is a must, but if you are an animal lover that should not be a problem. 

There is an investment required in terms of space and basic equipment.

A social media page that showcases your pet clients would help popularize your work. 

Associate with pet clinics and pet food stores to reach your target audience. 

Pet shows are also a great place to meet prospective customers.


– Relevant licenses and permits
-Space and Equipment
-Grooming skills


-INR 10,00,000-upwards


Creative Small Business Ideas


Social media has made photography an integral part of our daily life.

However, when it comes to capturing special moments, events, or creating content, people turn to professionals. 

There is a lot of competition in the field, so you must identify a niche to create a lucrative business.

Stock photography, relevant businesses, and brands, blogs, and aggregators would be your clients. 

Creating a website and your online portfolio is very important as your work will speak for itself. 

Social media presence will also help and collaborating with social media personalities who operate in your niche will get the word about.

There is a scope to create your unique style or trademark that you can be known for in your niche segment, and that could give your business a phenomenal boost.


-Basic equipment
-Experience behind the lens


-INR 1,00,000-upwards

New Creative Small Business Ideas

Creative Small Business Ideas


There are few things more beautiful than the joy of motherhood.

Among the host of services aimed at making those nine months comfortable and safe for the mother and baby, the most sought after are exercise and birthing classes for pregnant women.

A certified practitioner with expertise in techniques like Yoga, Lamaze, Pilates, aqua aerobics, etc would have many takers. 

You can teach at a hired/ owned space or do home visits, the latter being a more popular choice.

Consult with maternity homes and hospitals.

An online website and printed literature at various relevant places like medical stores, ladies only salons and spas, gynecologists, etc will help people know about you.

A good personality and the ability to go that extra mile is what will set you apart from regular hospital consultations.


-Relevant qualifications and certifications


– INR 10,000-upwards


Creative Small Business Ideas


Being a salesman is about playing a mind game with a prospective customer, they say. 

Once you have a lead on who potentially has the need for a product, the art of selling lies in creating the urge to buy that from you and not from a competitor.

If you have experience with direct sales, fieldwork, on the shop floor, or at conventions.

It is time you converted all your tricks and tips into a handy training course for up-and-coming sales personnel. 

Selling as a process begins long before you make a pitch. 

It’s about studying prospective customers, understanding the ideal buyer persona, and making it work so that both buyer and seller walk away from the deal happy.

As the sales trainer, you teach your students effective techniques of selling – things to say, making the right gestures, and logging up a high rate of conversion. 

There are subtle non-verbal cues, body language tips, and ‘reading the situation’ which many newbie salespeople have to learn quickly. 

You can help them do that. Growing through your teaching materials is certainly possible when you offer value.

Sales managers would be happy to recruit you for their
training needs if you network well.


-Excellent pitching skills
-Experience in selling


– INR 0-5,000

Smart Creative Small Business Ideas List

Creative Small Business Ideas


Self-defense is about being prepared to keep yourself safe in the face of unexpected danger. 

Given the growing crime rate in India’s streets, it makes sense for everyone to be prepared.

You can teach martial arts like karate, Taekwondo, Jujutsu, or just a few boxing moves. 

To start teaching, you must have professional-grade training and certification to prove that you’re an authority on the subject. 

You also need to be fit and alert so that you are convincing in the story you plan to sell. For beginners, an exclusive studio is unnecessary. 

You can visit the client and teach their group at their home or place of choice, or you can hire a venue for a limited number of hours per week.


-Certificate of skill-level
-Choose a niche: women/children or define age group


 -INR 6,000-10,000


Creative Small Business Ideas


Your skin reflects your health. Given the increasing levels of pollution and hormonal upheavals the body goes through, the skin needs external help to remain smooth and soft. 

This can begin at home itself, but the knack is to know what simple kitchen pantry ingredients can help in cleansing, toning, and moisturizing.

For instance, exfoliating is a big part of skincare, and it can be done with a little rice flour and turmeric mixed with milk or rose water.

This is a great scrub that you can put together in minutes. 

If you have such cool tips that can help people get rid of dullness, pimples, oily T-zones, or callused elbows, consider skincare consulting.

At first, you need to set up a Facebook page (or group) and channel your wisdom into a blog.

 A website comes at a later date. You can even offer personalized consultations to followers for a fee. 

As you keep adding tips, your blog can become popular enough to attract a regular batch of clients.

Conduct webinars or Q & A sessions through Facebook Live – the outlay is zero.


-Knowledge of skin  types, products
-A wealth of tips, home remedies


-INR 0-30,000

Creative Small Business Ideas List

Creative Small Business Ideas


Whether a business is regional or wide in scope, a business owner will want to promote it online in addition to offline marketing. 

This is necessary because it is the trendiest marketing channel that has the greatest penetration with youth and young adults. 

If this age group is part of the target demographic, then the business owner will benefit greatly by contacting freelancers or workers like you who offer social media consulting services.

Social media marketing encompasses the posts made over a slew of platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and so on. 

Each of these has slightly different guidelines for how to make the most of the platform.

You can teach businesses how to do this or do their marketing for them.

Social media marketing has to be done consistently and repeatedly to lead to fruitful results. 

Scale-up this business by getting familiar with the platforms and their posting guidelines.


-Excellent social media marketing knowledge
-Good Communication skills


– INR 15,000-25,000

New Creative Small Business Ideas

Creative Small Business Ideas


 There are a host of start-ups that have very specific needs but not the means to employ an HR to help them hire the right talent for their industry. 

This could be your offering. Each industry has its own criteria and pays scales.

 A startup does not have the bandwidth to identify and recruit based on current market pay scales. 

This results in them taking bad recruitment decisions and being stuck with the wrong talent which is a waste of their precious money resource. 

Your experience in the field could help them solve that issue.

Promoting your services on talent hire sites like LinkedIn and attending startup seminars and gatherings would help connect you with those who need your services.


-Strong HR foundation


-INR 0

Most Helpful Creative Small Business Ideas

Creative Small Business Ideas


Everyone gets frantic around tax season. For a lot of people filing taxes is a time consuming and unappealing chore. 

Proving a service that takes it off their hands is a great way to earn cash during the filing periods.

Being aware of all tax-related regulations, rules, exemptions, and revisions is a must. 

While you do not need any special qualifications to prepare for taxes, you do need proficiency in doing it. 

If you have a financial services background then you can also advise your clients on tax-saving and investment opportunities.

There is tax software that you can invest in to make this easier and more scalable. 

Building an atmosphere of trust is vital so that your client base stays loyal.


-In-depth knowledge of  all tax-related rules, regulations, exemptions, and revisions


-INR 1,500-upwards

Best Creative Small Business Ideas

Creative Small Business Ideas


Tiffin service is usually to a hassled workplace goer what moms are actually to their kids…everyday saviors! 

Between hectic schedules and unhealthy take out or fast food options, the office goer is constantly on the look-out for a balanced as well as a low-cost day meal choice.

The market is filled with brands offering meal plans and balanced diets, but there is always scope for those offering an authentic taste that reflects their culinary traditions.

Focus on quality, word of mouth will get you more clients than anything else. 

Create easy to implement meal plan options and list with an aggregator like Meal Tango. 

Reach out to friends and family who love your food to start you off. Once you are comfortable with the process you can scale up your client base.


-Basic and hygienic cooking facilities
-Packaging materials
-Listing with an aggregator


– INR 1000-upwards


Creative Small Business Ideas


If you have the expertise or at least spoken proficiency in two or more languages, this business opportunity is for you. 

And the best part is that you don’t even need to carry a pen and notepad! Your work entirely lies in translating what is said between two (or more) speakers in a meeting.

To grow in the ranks as an expert translator, you should be able to translate intricate messages, nuances of business and diplomacy, and much more.

Some agencies and clients might want to see credentials and proof of your language proficiency before they hire you to speak for diplomats.

It makes sense to have a certificate and ensure that it is current/renewed every few years. 

This helps you stay on top of your game.


-Language Certification
-Readiness to travel
-Cultural Awareness


– INR 1,00,000-upwards

Most Powerful Creative Small Business Ideas

Creative Small Business Ideas


All good marketing programs need visual content. They need dynamic, short videos that convey information and also impress the viewer before his or her attention flags. 

Here is where you come in with your video production expertise.

As a freelancer or part-timer, you need acumen to shoot, mix, edit, and review until your client is satisfied with the clip produced. 

It is all about addressing the needs of the client or the needs of his target audience. Make a portfolio of these to show to potential clients. 

Basic camera skills are enough if you have a good camera and tripod and some good editing software that you are fully familiar with.

Marketing the services through a website is your first step because organic visitors will want to see a sample of your work before contacting you. 

As you gain popularity, you have to remember that quality reigns supreme over quantity and your best work is better remembered than the quantum of work done by you.


-Good equipment, camera, tripod, microphone, lights
-Editing software skills


– INR 1,00,000-3,00,000 


Creative Small Business Ideas


Yoga is India’s claim to fame. It has become synonymous with health and all things Indian.

From Hollywood celebs to PM Modi, everyone’s social media feed has at least one post dedicated to an asana!

If you are a certified yoga instructor or have been a practicing enthusiast for a while, opening your own yoga studio may be just the thing for you! 

Since all you need is a few square feet of space and a mat, investment is negligible and there are a host of things you can do to popularize your classes including having a website or youtube channel and a good social media presence.

Home-based yoga classes are also quite popular. 

Certifying yourself with unique yoga variations like Aerial yoga or Iyengar yoga would help you offer a very specific range of yoga practices.


-Minimum 100 sq ft of space
-Certification from a yoga institute


-INR 0-upwards






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